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Telepath Tactics RPG Closes In On March 2015 Release

Developer Sinister Design launched a new blog post that updates what’s going on with strategy title, Telepath Tactics. Its most important piece of information is that the roleplaying game (RPG) is finally nearing a launch date, currently set for late March 2015.

As with previous updates, this one adds a ton of smooth, pixel art animations. Additional artists were hired to help complete the breadth of content in Telepath Tactics.

In total, there are 23 promoted classes in the game. Of those 23, 11 have received all their animations.

There are new cutscenes in the game that detail some more character relationships between tactical battles. A new merchant is available as well, who has a larger selection of wares.

In an interesting insight, the developer also shares thoughts on getting less new content done, but improving that which already exists. In the post, Craig Stern mentions:

This sounds dull, but I spent a bunch of time playing the new battles, balancing and tweaking them so they’re both challenging and fun to play. It may not be as sexy as adding new content, but it’s ultimately more important.

Telepath Tactics is a grand strategy RPG project, much in style of games like Fire Emblem. Players can command a team of soldiers of different makes, from swordsmen to strange, magical creatures.

There are early versions of the game already for sale. A normal PC copy of Telepath Tactics costs $25, while paying $50 also grants access to an editor that allows for custom maps and even entire campaigns.