Starcraft II Battle Chest Spotted at Amazon, Box Art Inside

Those of you who have been Starcraft fans since the series started would remember the Battle Chest that was released to get you the collection together. If you are looking to get your hands on the content that has been released in the latest iteration of the game, this might be your lucky day!

An Amazon listing has revealed the Starcraft II Battle Chest.

According to the listing, the release date is going to be December 31, 2014 though you can go ahead and preorder it right away. The whole package has been priced at $39.99 and it will bring you StarCraft II Wings of Liberty, StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Expansion, and the StarCraft II Brady Strategy Guide.

We don’t know what else is going to be added to it by Blizzard Entertainment.

Other than that, the Starcraft II battle Chest listing also shows you the box art that the packaging is going to come with. We have posted it as the featured image above and in the gallery below.

A third part of Starcraft II i.e. Starcraft II Legacy of the Void is still to be released as a standalone game; we don’t have a release date yet, though the beta is expected to fly in sometime next year.

This is good news as the new players are not going to need a copy of the original game in order to be a part of Legacy of the Void. It is also going to bring two new modes to the game namely Archon Mode, that includes co-op and PvP matches as well as the Allied Commanders Mode that brings another co-op experience.