SOCOM 2 is Being Recreated in the Source Engine by Group of Modders

A team of modders have taken it upon themselves to recreate SOCOM 2: U.S. Navy SEALs using the Source engine.

The job is far from over though and currently the mod is basically just running SOCOM maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from a third-person perspective. So far a total of three maps have been recreated in the game: Desert Glory, Frost Fire and Crossroads.

Each one of them though have been recreated in impressive and painstaking detail. The group of modders is now working on other maps, including Vigilance, The Ruins, Sujo, Fish Hook, Night Stalker, Blood Lake, Foxhunt and Blizzard.

Progress is expected to go much faster once Valve releases Source Engine 2. The group plans on adding additional features such as allow players to lean, go prone and climb. Support for VR devices like the Oculus Rift is also on the agenda.

The modders have not expressed any wish to start a Kickstarter campaign for their project. However, when the time comes, the group may wish to keep that option open for added support.

You can follow them through their Steam Group Page where they are punctual in posting announcements about their work and keeping interested fans in the loop.

The third-person tactical shooter SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003 by Sony and developed by Zipper Interactive.

Here’s a look at the three levels they have already done: