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Rising World, Another “Voxel Based Open-World Sandbox”

Are you ready for another one of these? A game, called Rising World, just launched on Steam via Early Access and starts off with the following description:

Rising World is a voxel based open-world sandbox game, featuring a procedurally generated world, playable in single and multi-player.

Environments are your standard forests, dirt piles and so on, in normal shapes, so not the blocky kind. It’s possible to fully modify areas to whim with a set of tools, such as your pickaxe and axe.

Rising World allows for the collection of 200 different building materials. Additionally, it’s possible to put customized images in the game.

There will be a day and night cycle in Rising World. This supports the inclusion of a lighting system, such as wielding a torch to get through mines.

Animals populate the random worlds. Creatures like a moose or bear can be encountered, some of which may be aggressive.

Currently, Rising World is in Alpha state, meaning it still needs to build out some gameplay elements. It has no solid time schedule on when it will exit Early Access.

This new crafting title comes from developer JIW Games. It’s ostensibly their first project, as their site redirects to a page for the game.

Rising World is one more on the list of games that populate publisher Kiss Ltd’s portfolio. Earlier, the company stated it will release an average of at least one game per week on Steam for six months.

In its current state, Rising World costs €14.99. During its development period, the price will increase upon hitting Beta and also on its full release.