Rainbow Six: Siege Navigation and Cover System Explained In a New Video

Ubisoft has released a new video for Rainbow Six: Siege to detail the cover and navigation system of the upcoming title.

Community developer on the game, Chase Straight explains that you will be able perform each and every action in the game without compromising your aim.

Even when you are vaulting, repelling or throwing a grenade, the controls will stay in your hands. This means that there will be no small cinematic to stop you from aiming when you are performing different actions.

An example provided in the video is of wall re-enforcement animation, which can be cancelled at any moment, so that you can take out the enemy that might appear near you.

Then Chase moves on to talk about the cover system, which is actually a leaning based system (right and left). It will allow you to roam around freely without getting stuck in one place.

You will be able to lean left by pressing left stick, and to lean right you will have to press the right stick. PC players on the other hand will be able to change the controls that are more comfortable for them.

The free aiming will come in handy because even a little bit of complacency in a competitive shooter like this can prove to be very costly. Also, there are no re-spawns, so you will have to make the most of the one life that you are given.

You can read more about Rainbow Six: Siege cover and navigation system on the game’s official blog.