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No Man’s Sky will Challenge you to Reach Center of the Galaxy

We know that exploration is going to be one of the major parts of No Man’s Sky; however the developers are still to share a lot more details on the matter. What they did recently was to share a detailed preview with GameInformer’s latest issue.

Thankfully there is a lot more we have to share now.

The game is going to start off with the player in a basic ship on a random planet and from there, they are going to go on the journey of their lives through the massive universe.

We have been told that the full map will include the whole galaxy in it from where you will be able to zoom in and out in order to check on your region and other stars up close. Moreover, you will be able to figure out which planet to go to in order to get specific resources based on the color of the planets.

Talking of the galaxy, you will find robots spread across the universe. They will harm you for mining resources and for killing aliens, not otherwise. As you progress closer to the center of the galaxy you will get tougher robots and that is what the challenge will be: getting to the center of the galaxy.

For those who wish to get to the center of the galaxy will have to play No Man’s Sky for 40 to 100 hours.

While moving along in the galaxy, you will be able to spot where other players are on the map though there will be no voice chat. Other players can also fight against you in a FPS like showdown; however this will result in the local police putting a bounty on your head.

There is a lot more that you can find out about the features of No Man’s Sky through there Reddit and NeoGAF threads where people have shared bits of the preview.