Little Big Planet 3 Update 1.03 is Now Live, Fixes Over 40 Issues

Like most games released this fall, Little Big Planet 3 was plagued with numerous post-release issues which made the experience really frustrating.

The game was highly affected by lag and error messages popping up randomly, causing the game to go back to the home screen on PS4.

Moreover the game suffered from frame-rate drops on both PS4 and PS3 during online play, among many other crippling issues. For a game that is heavily reliant on its community and co-op play, online issues are in no way acceptable.

Sumo Digital has now released a new update (1.03) for Little Big Planet 3, which will address over 40 issues of the newly released title.

According to Sumo Digital, the update will deal with stability issues in the main adventure and “increase general performance and functionality in a number of other key areas raised by the community.”

You can see some of the highlights from the patch notes below, or visit the page here for extensive details.

Adventure Hubs

  • A number of improvements have been made to the Dynamic Thermometer functionality of our Adventure mode’s hub levels to improve functionality and general stability. This includes the saving the state of Manglewood Swamp with the rare “broken bridge” occurrence.
    Note: If you have encountered this Manglewood Swamp issue. You will need to delete your Adventure Save Data since the Manglewod Swamp level will be saved in this broken state.
  • Fixed a game divergence issue caused by frequent and rapid use of the Character Changer.
  • Fixed an infinite loading loop that could be caused by using the Grief Report tool and then entering a level whilst in an Adventure Hub.

On PlayStation 4, update 1.03 is a 365.5 MB download. While on the PS3 side of things, the update weighs-in at 102.5 MB.

It’s really disappointing to see so many games having stability issues this season. It seems like the developers struggled to meet the 2014 release window for their games and rushed an unfinished product or they are still having a hard time developing on the new hardware.

One can only hope that 2015 will be a better year for games in terms of performance and overall stability.