Evolve: Evacuation Mode Gets Detailed – Think Five Rounds With 800K Unique Paths

Up until now, we only knew about the Hunt game mode of Evolve that features 4v1 traditional matches in which one of the two entities came out on top.

There are other modes available in the game as well, and we have got our first look and some details on the new mode called ‘Evacuation’, which is an amalgam of everything that is part of the upcoming title.

It has a story, but it is not a campaign per se. Each of your endeavors in Evacuation will have some sort of implications – positive or negative. You as a hunter will take on monsters who have invaded the planet in three available modes: Nest, Defend and Rescue.

The events of evacuation will go on for five days, and these five days have been divided into five rounds. The first round on each map will always start with Hunt.

As mentioned before, your winning and losing will matter. For example, if you managed to take down the monster and saved the dam, then in very next round Perimeter Fences will be fully powered up, creating an advantage for the players.

Each time you play, the path will be different depending upon the maps and the rounds’ outcomes. You can see this mode in action in the attached video above.

The Evacuation mode certainly adds a new life to an already great co-op multiplayer of Evolve, and we will see how it will shape up the final product, when we get our hands on it on February 10, 2015.

Source: Evolve