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Chinese Website Teases Borderlands Announcement

A Chinese teaser website was recently discovered for publisher Shanda Games that hints towards a major Borderlands announcement.

A silhouette of Claptrap is smacked in the middle with a tagline that roughly translates to “Earthlings, we shall bring hope to you all.” A countdown timer present there is set for next Monday.

Additionally, two logos for 2K Games were also found in the website’s coding. These are not present on the website but they probably will when the countdown expires. At the time of writing, the internal links to these logos have been replaced with a URL that contains “blol.”

There’s no indication as to what this announcement is related to. Many are speculating it to be related to a rumored Borderlands MMO. This speculation is based on Gearbox’s CEO and president Randy Pitchford’s statement from earlier this year where he stated that they currently have no plans for Borderlands 3. This is despite the previous two titles being an instant hint.

According to Pitchford, the next Borderlands sequel needs to be something massive and impressive.

Just months ago, we saw the release of Borederlands: The Pre-Sequel, which is set before the events of Borderlands 2 and focuses on the origins of Handsome Jack. I’ve gone through it once and have to say that compared to Borderlands 2, this was a bit of a stretch.

There’s just too much running from corner to corner for mediocre reasons. The storyline has its moments but mostly, I found myself trying to end my run as quickly as possible.

Via Joystiq