Challenge System Re-Enabled for DriveClub

After launching two months ago, the Challenge system has finally been re-enabled for DriveClub. The system was immediately disabled following the launch of the game in early October in the wake of server issues that disrupted online play.

For reasons unknown, someone had clearly miscalculated the amount of players the game would attract and shortly after launch the crowd proved too much for the servers.

Players were rightly not happy about features being stripped from the game within the launch month. In case of the Challenge system, players were not able to send trial time challenges to friends and rival clubs.

Evolution Studios has yet to officially acknowledge the Challenge system being online but several sources are reporting that it’s functioning correctly.

A couple of days ago the developer outlined what it plans to release with future updates. A slew of features include new servers, more visual options, the weather system, replays, improvements to Photo Mode and controls, and more.

Finally there’s still no release date for the PlayStation Plus Edition of the game. It looks more likely that we’ll see it being mentioned early next year.