Ultra Arcade to Organize Killer Instinct World Cup In 2016, Starting Prize is $10,000

The popular launch title of Xbox One, Killer Instinct is going to get a world cup in 2016 with starting prize pool of $10,000.

Just like Capcom’s tournaments, players will be able to participate in the world cup by completing certain events next year including Evo 2015, Ultra Arcade’s Kombo Klash competitions and more.

The world cup of Killer Instinct is being organized by Ultra Arcade, and its owner Brandon Alexander is quite thrilled about it and will unveil new information in the near future.

The starting pool of $10,000 is personally provided by Alexander himself, but as more support is found for the world cup, you can expect this number to increase even more.

Season two of the fighting game began in mid-October and by the time tournament begins, all the characters of the second season would have made their way to the game, making the tournament even more interesting.

There is a large player count for the title, and I am sure a lot of fans will be looking forward to participate, so that they can get their hands on the 10,000 or more USD.

Not much detail has been provided just yet, but now that the event has been unveiled, we can expect to see more news about it in the future.

Are you looking to participate in Killer Instinct World Cup 2016?

Source: Ultra Combo