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Steam Broadcasting Beta is Now Available for All

Steam is evolving rapidly. Valve completely overhauled the client just a few months ago and since then, has been adding new features every now then.

The latest addition to Steam’s features is the one which can be highly useful for the community. The new introduction is the Steam Broadcasting. Currently in its beta phase, this feature will let players broadcast their gameplay and will allow them to invite their friends to watch them play.

Unlike Sony’ SharePlay for PS4, you can’t hand over the controls to your friend but if you are stuck on a level, your buddy can walk you through by broadcasting his gameplay or chatting with you while you broadcast.

As soon as you see your friend in-game, press “watch game” from his profile to view his gameplay.

If you want to try out this new feature, head to the main menu of your Steam Client. Go to account settings, and change “beta participation” to Steam beta update.”

Valve is really pushing new features and their hard work has made Steam into what it is today. To know more about Steam Broadcasting, visit the link here.

So what do you think of Steam Broadcasting? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.