PS4 System Update 2.03 is Now Live, Brings Minor Improvements

PS4 System update v2.03 is now available to download. Players must update to version 2.03 in order to use network features on their PS4.

Before the update went live, Sony tweeted:

“Heads-up: PS4 system software update v2.03 arrives later tonight, and will help improve usage of some applications.”

As this tweet indicates, this is a minor update and will only make “improvements to usage of some applications”

Previously, update 2.0 was released and came with a number of features including the most talked about share play, but a apart from new features, 2.0 added some issues as well.

Hopefully, this minor update won’t break something and everything will run smoothly after installation.

Update v2.03 is 217 MB is size. To download the update you must turn on your PS4 and as soon as it connects to PSN, it will prompt you to download.

In related news, Sony is planning to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation. The first PlayStation was released back in 1994 and since then this brand has been a huge success.

On this occasion, Sony is going to release a PS1 inspired PS4 with the same grey finish. The system will cost $499 in the US and €499 in the European Union. More news is expected about it, during the PlayStation Experience Event.