OlliOlli Coming to Xbox One, Wii U And 3DS In Early 2015

Publisher Curve Digital announced that it will continue to bring OlliOlli to other platforms, this time including Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. The skater game will come to those formats in early 2015.

OlliOlli is a game where the goal is simply to chain cool tricks together, while railing over a side-scrolling, 2D environment. It uses a sharp pixel art aesthetic, currently popular with games and also seen in titles like Super Time Force.

Ported versions will retain their content from the original release. There are 100 levels that offer over 250 challenges and a trick library of over 120 moves. Four game modes will be present as well.

OlliOlli is developer Roll7’s claim to fame. It originally released this year as a handheld title for Playstation Vita, before being ported. In a strange timeline, the arcade title was first brought to PC in July and only then hauled back to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in August.

Currently, the team is working on another pixel art title, called Not a Hero. It’s a cover shooter, where a team of characters try to clean up several areas of crime activity.

Moreover, Roll7 has already announced a sequel, OlliOlli2. It will add a ton of new features to the arcade game and take on a theme similar to Joe Danger 2.

New content includes ramps and jumps, different level routes, grind switches and manuals. There will be five new worlds in OlliOlli2, as well as more challenges and a new combo rush mode that can be tackled with up to four players.