Naughty Dog Talks About Uncharted Collection, Crash Bandicoot and More

Naughty Dog held a Q&A Session on Twitch yesterday and answered some burning questions regarding the return of Crash Bandicoot to PlayStation and Uncharted collection.

Unfortunately, according to the developer, the franchise is owned by Activision so it’s unlikely we’ll see the game back on PlayStation. One of the fans commented on this by saying:

“Come on Eric don’t fool us. We all know the second team is working on Crash”

To this, “hahahahahaaha. ha. ha. ha” was the reply by Naughty Dog.

Moving on, over the weeks some speculations have been made on whether or not there will be an Uncharted collection for PS4.

Although, the idea of it is intriguing but I believe there are just too many remastered games released already for current-gen consoles. Developers should move on and work on something new.

Still, fans who do want so see the collection will be disappointed to know that there’s “nothing brewing for Uncharted collection.”

Lastly, Naughty Dog has revealed that a new The Last of Us DLC is in the works for both the PS4 and PS3 versions. The Last of Us DLC will be playable at the PlayStation Experience Event.

It is to be noted, that this DLC will not be a part of the season pass and can only be purchased separately. The reason behind this, as explained by Naughty Dog is that “the season pass ended a long awhile back. We delivered more than we promised in the season pass.”

PlayStation Experience Event is going to be held in Las Vegas on December 6. If you would like to visit the event in person, you can purchase your tickets from here.