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Marvel and Star Wars Characters Could Become Part of Kingdom Hearts 3

Disney has acquired the rights to Marvel and Star Wars franchises since the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 2, and with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming up sometime in the future, we can expect to see some famous characters from both of these franchises.

Speaking to Kotaku, co-director and game designer of Kingdom Hearts 3, Tai Yasue stated that Star Wars and Marvel characters are not completely off the table.

Well, yeah. They’re all under consideration. Nothing’s off-limits, we’re considering all of the worlds. There are so many wonderful concepts. We’re happy about that, but at the same time it’s really tough to choose.

He continued on to mention that the team is working on to bring variety of new worlds in the upcoming entry, so that each place has its own identity and players would not feel like they are being put in the same situations again and again.

For each world there has to be some meaning for it, in the plot; in Birth By Sleep, for instance, in the Cinderella scene, the characters learn something specific by relating to Cinderella. Also, gameplay-wise, is that world something that would make gameplay fun? There’s a lot I can’t say, but there’s so much to consider.

There is still no fixed release date provided for Kingdom Hearts 3, but it is slated for release sometime in 2015.