Loadout Coming to PlayStation 4 On January 1, 2015

PC users have been enjoying their time with Edge of Reality’s title Loadout since January of this year, and PlayStation 4 owners will be able join in on the fun starting 1st of January, 2015.

The game has been regarded as outrageous fun from the players that have dived into the game’s world.

It features seven game modes: Campaign, Domination, Blitz, Jackhammer, Annihilation, Death Snatch and Extraction. Most of these modes are based around gathering Blutonium, which a fictional element in the game.

Customization plays an important role in Loadout, as players are given full control of building new weaponry for themselves. There are a ton of combinations which will help players in crafting a weapon that is to their liking and are extremely deadly.

The game is intended for fun, which is why it features comedic violence, some crazy animations and stylized character models.

The combat as you would expect from the fun game like Loadout is fast paced with some cartoon style gore added to the mix.

The pricing structure for the PlayStation 4 users has not been revealed yet, but it is free-to-play on PC, so we can expect that it will remain F2P on Sony’s console as well.

Be ready on your PS4 on Jan. 1, 2015 to get your hands on Loadout.

Source: PlayStation Store