Goblins vs. Gnomes Expansion for Hearthstone Will Land This Monday

Blizzard has revealed that the very first expansion of Hearthstone called Goblins vs. Gnomes will arrive on coming Monday, December 8.

The expansion will add over 120 new cards that players will be able to craft, win or purchase in the game.

The purchase of these cards can be done in packs, while they will be craftable with dust, and only way to earn them is through Arena.

Just after the announcement, Blizzard gave us our first look at 60 of the 120 cards that are part of Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion on its Facebook page.

People who have played Warcraft franchise will be familiar with this rivalry, but if you are not; here’s a little description to give you an idea.

A rivalry that spans Warcraft’s long history, pitting the brilliant, but unstable, minds of Azeroth’s most creative denizens against one another in a contest to create the most amazing, crazy, smoke-spewing, gear-grinding, time-bending, earth-rattling inventions ever conceived.

The expansion was first revealed at Blizzcon 2014, and it mostly focuses on the new Mech class of Hearthstone.

Players have been waiting to get their hands on the expansion since its announcement, and they will finally be able to enjoy it starting Monday.

You can get more details on Goblins vs. Gnomes on the game’s official website.