Eve Online: Dev Video Showcases Rhea Update

CCP Games has released a new developer video showing some of the new features Eve Online’s upcoming update called Rhea, is going to add.

Rhea will add 101 shattered wormhole systems, which are new wormhole systems that contain extra resources such as ice in wormhole space, in addition to letting you play star bases.

One of the most important wormhole system is known as Thera. It is the first of its kind to have NPC stations and is the largest system CCP has ever added. You can explore Thera, trade in it and feel free to fight over it with other players.

Speaking of exploration, some of the existing ships are being redesigned with better visuals and textures. You can know more about it from the footage above.

Furthermore, two new ships are being introduced. The first one is Bowhead, which is a freighter and can be used to carry assembled and rigged ships from place to place. While the second one is Confessor, which is tech 3 destroyer.

One of the most significant change Rhea will introduce is to the Medical Clones. After the release of Rhea, there won’t be any clone grades anymore. Upon being pod killed, your clone won’t need any upgrades. Moreover, you will not lose any skill points after being killed.

Lastly, setting your home base will now cost 100,000 ISK instead of 5,400.

Eve Online’s Rhea update will be released on December 9. To know more about it, follow the link here.