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Xbox Live is Back Online After a DDoS Attack Earlier

On Dec. 1, the notorious Lizard Squad tweeted “Xbox Live #offline.” Which suggested that the latest victim of their DDoS attack is Microsoft and its Xbox Live servers.

The network suffered from an outage but it looks like things are back to normal pretty quickly. According to the Xbox Live status page, all of their online services are now “up and running.”

Which includes:

1: Xbox Live core services
2: Purchase and Content Usage
3: Website
4: TV, Music and Video
5: Social and Gaming

During the outage, many fans reported their failed attempts to connect to Xbox Live service. Fans across the United States and Canada were unable to access online multiplayer in addition to third party services like Netflix.

Lizard Squad has previously claimed to have attacked PSN as well. Lizard Squad kept quiet for a few weeks, which I guess was mainly due to the fact that twitter suspended their account. However, they have created a new one and stated that the attack on MS is their “Christmas present” to the company.

The hacking group is also threatening to attack once again and have stated: “That’s a small dose of what’s to come on Christmas. #LizardSquad.”

It’s unclear if they are planning to attack Microsoft again on Christmas or have they chosen another victim. It will be a shame if Xbox Live or PSN goes down during Christmas as people are off from work and usage of these services is at its peak.

Both Sony and Microsoft should take measures to secure their networks, so that these annoyances can be avoided in the future.

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