Super Smash Bros. Error Code 160-0103 Leaves It Unplayable & Can Brick Wii U

Super Smash Bros has made its way to Wii U in almost all regions, but some players instead of enjoying their time with it are facing the error code 160-0103, which is stopping them from playing the new title altogether.

The error code seems to come out of nowhere. All other features of the console are working fine but after receiving the error, players have been unable to play Super Smash Bros or access Data Management.

A YouTube user has made a video about this problem, and it shows that the error had nothing to do with the disc or any other function of Wii U. You can check out the video attached above.

From some of the comments on the video, it seems that the issue is somehow related to the update data of the game, and it has affected a lot of players.

Another comment on the video warns the players that this error code is a very severe issue and can brick your system.

If you have bought yourself a copy, then we suggest that you don’t play the title until Nintendo releases a fix.

A similar kind of issue appeared for Mario Kart 8 players soon after the downloading the first DLC pack, but a fix for that has been released as of today.

I am sure that Nintendo will take notice of this issue as well and will come out with a fix soon.