Secret Ponchos Launches on PlayStation 4 and is Free on PS Plus

Sony has released a new trailer for Secret Ponchos to celebrate its launch on the PlayStation 4 today.

The game is going to be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, while those without will have to pay $14.99. The game is also available on PC through Steam’s Early Access and costs similar. Those who purchase Secret Ponchos while it’s in Early Access will receive an additional copy free of charge.

Secret Ponchos is an online shooter fighting title by indie developer Switchblade Monkeys. The game is set in the West and focuses on PvP. Up to eight players can play at the same time in both Team and Free-for-All game types, as well as Domination and Deathmatch modes.

As fights are won and kills are stacked up, the characters get larger bounties on their heads that can be collected by opponents. To stay alive, Secret Ponchos has cover and plenty of obscuring obstructions set in its thematic levels.

The game also allows players to play locally with two people in split-screen. This is also available to fight as a team online.