Resident Evil As Luigi’s Mansion Looks Like This

Design artist Glenatron has put the simple two thoughts together that Luigi’s Mansion and Resident Evil really aren’t that different. On a Sketchfab page, it’s possible to see what this magically mashed world would look like.

There’s so much detail put into the different set pieces. It’s possible to explore this still world in first person, which you should probably do to get all the details out.

Luigi is painted as a much cuter, much less beefy Chris Redfield. Daisy portrays Jill Valentine, in full outfit, beret and all.

Even Wario can be found a few times, brought to life as Barry Burton. That’s a fairly timely inclusion, as it was just announced that the Capcom character will return in Resident Evil Revelations 2.

There are several scenes with touching references to the Resident Evil world. For starters, it has cute zombies roaming around everywhere.

Additionally, Daisy Jill can be seen typing on a typewriter, which is the zombie title’s save system. Portraits are donned with a Mario hat and googly eyes; it’s seriously well done.

Resident Evil has had some lackluster releases lately, with its sixth main release disappointing many of its fans. Capcom has since resorted to a remake of the GameCube version, which was a remake of its own.

Luigi’s Mansion is a fan favorite for a lot of Nintendo fans. After its release on GameCube, the franchise was put on the backburner for a long time, until its sequel on Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

Source: Kotaku.