PEGI Listed Rune Factory 4 Really Coming To Europe

It’s happening. Roleplaying game (RPG) Rune Factory 4 has received a PEGI age rating of 12, which would solidify the incoming European release.

Originally, localization of the simulation RPG hybrid underwent some disastrous events, as developer Neverland went out of business after its North American release. Despite some staff being hauled over to publisher Xseed Games, the omission of the game’s main programmer saw the game scrapped for European fans.

Last month, however, Rune Factory 4 reappeared on the German rating boards. It was revealed that Xseed Games had found a way to continue localization and had been working for months to get the game to Europe, though only in digital form.

The publisher wanted to ensure that the RPG was certified for release through Nintendo’s stern approval system, before making any rash announcements. Development has been transferred to another team.

Xseed Games hopes to have Rune Factory 4 pass its master submission in the next few weeks. Hopefully, that will release it as a 3DS Nintendo eShop download in January.

PEGI rates Rune Factory 4 with the following explanation:

The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 12 years and over only. It contains: Nonrealistic looking violence towards human characters. Mild bad language. Violence causing minor injury only.

Rune Factory 4 originally released in 2012 in Japan, before making it to North America in October of 2013. Its gameplay is often categorized as a Harvest Moon-like game with farming and relationship options, mixed with dungeons and other RPG elements.

Source: Siliconera.