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Heroes Of The Storm To Get Stimpacks After The Next Update

Upcoming technical alpha patch update of Heroes of the Storm will let you purchase stimpacks from the game store.

Using these stims will allow you to get double experience, and you will also be getting more than double the amount of gold after the matches.

Blizzard made this announcement on the game’s official blog where they wrote:

In the days following the arrival of our next Technical Alpha patch, you’ll be able to give your out-of-game progression a serious pick-me-up with the addition of Stimpacks. A Stimpack is a timed buff that will net you an additional 100% XP and 150% Gold for each match you complete while a Stimpack is active on your account.

Do note that you will not get immediate XP boost after using Stims, instead they will just increase the amount that you get after successfully completing a match.

Your in-game hero will not be affected by Stimpack, as it will only affect your out of game hero and player progression.

The stimpacks will certainly come in handy for the players, who are looking forward to gain experience at a faster pace in Heroes of the Storm.

There is no official release date provided for the next technical alpha update until now, but we are hoping that Blizzard will reveal it soon.