Evolve: Evacuation Story Trailer Shows Dangers of Hunting Goliaths

Turtle Rock Studios has released a new story trailer for its online shooter Evolve.

The video gives you a glimpse of the dangers involved when a pack of hunters are tasked with hunting down a monstrous Goliath threat. I was part of the game’s recent alpha testing and I can safely say that this game brings a fresh flavor to co-op gameplay.

Even more than the simplistic yet flashy combat elements, the game’s grime environment were beautiful to experience. Become separated from your group and you can see the atmosphere working on you as you desperately try to regroup in the night.

Hence, it made me really happy to know that all DLC maps for Evolve will be available to players free regardless of whether they have purchased any add-on packs. Currently there are five classes that have been revealed.

Turtle Rock is working on even more and we’ll know more about them as we head closer to release day.

Evolve is scheduled for release in February for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.