Chaos Reborn To Enter Early Access Next Week

Xcom creator’s new strategy title Chaos Reborn, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter will be making its way to Steam Early Access next week.

No pricing details have been revealed at the time of writing, but looking at the game’s crowd funding campaign, we can safely assume that it will cost around $20.

The game will stay on early access for seven months and in that time, players will only be able to play 2v2 team battles and free for all matches. Campaign and AI battles will not become part of Chaos Reborn until the full release, so spend your money keeping this in mind.

The game will feature turn based combat in the battles which are claimed to last from 10 to 30 minutes. Moreover, some of the fan favorite spells from the original Chaos will be among the 80 spells included in the game.

Players will also be allowed to create their own realms, and these realms can then be explored by other players, keeping the experience fresh for everyone.

The game’s official website has a bulk of information regarding single player role playing aspects and multiplayer arena battles among wizards.

If you are interested in getting the title then you should keep tabs on its website as well.

Chaos Reborn will land on Steam Early Access on December 9 for both PC and Mac.