Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Is A Real-Money Slot Machine Now

Developer Spicy Horse, the Chinese studio built by American McGee, has turned its last project, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, into a real-money gambling title. To be specific, the company has teamed up with a gambling platform for an adaptation of its roleplaying game (RPG) that will serve as a betting title.

For Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Spicy Horse has partnered with Odobo, an online service with dozens of casino games that can be played for divertissement or real cash. It will transform the Japanese-themed RPG into a slot machine of five by three reels.

Players are able to make bets on several lines, with a maximum bet given to put money on all rows. The goal is to “defeat” monsters, by lining up their icons in a row of three or longer.

Different icons, such as free spins or wild cards, can be encountered in the reels as well. Odobo mentions the following embellishment on reducing a Diablo-like RPG to a few pictures:

Spicy Horse is working with Odobo and Odobo’s in-house studio, Wild Game Reserve, to build an impressive 5×3 slot version that retains its powerful Japanese Edo-era theme and captures characters and features from the original ARPG.

A more likely explanation for the maneuver is that Spicy Horse has been in hot waters ever since creating Akaneiro. While the game had some sensible ideas, a great art style and managed to pass a rather big $200,000 Kickstarter goal, the project put the studio in considerable debt.

Early this year, American McGee was forced to let go a dozen people over a debt of $1.7 million. Akaneiro is technically a free-to-play title, but its inclusion on Steam only exists as a paid product. It hasn’t exactly been a success story, so far.

Akaneiro can be played on Odobo for free as well, without the worries of betting real money, which is offered in two alternatives, through gambling portals.