Ultra Street Fighter IV Patch 1.04 To Bring Omega Mode, Edition Select And More

A new patch for Ultra Street Fighter IV is just around the corner, to be released in December shortly after the Capcom Cup.

The much awaited version 1.04 patch for Capcom’s fighting title includes new game modes as well as Edition Select for online play.

Edition Select allows players to choose a specific patch version for each of their character.

Since fighters undergo changes with different patches, some players end up not liking the new changes introduced to a fighter after a patch. This Edition Select is a great way for those players to use the fighter they desire from a previously released patch.

Of course, Edition Select sort of breaks the gameplay experience in serious competitive matches which is why it will only be available during unranked matchmaking.

One of the newly added modes in the patch will be the Omega Mode, also available only in unranked matches. The Omega Mode reimagines every fighter and gives them new moves and abilities as well as changing some of the normal attacks.

The mode is definitely designed for some fun hours instead of serious competition. Training Mode Trials will also be introduced in the patch for players to learn the new fighters in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The mode isn’t just limited to new fighters however, even the old ones can benefit from it.

There is no fixed date for the release of the update but its set to be available shortly after the Capcom Cup which is on 13th December.