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Top Ranking Players to Get Advanced Warfare Grand Master Gear

Developer of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games has been announcing some new details regarding what you are going to get from the game in the future.

Firstly, they have announced that the Ranked Play of the game is going to be updated with a couple of new things. Now they have also announced that taking part in the Ranked Play is going to reward you in, a visually weird but still, a cool way.

The official Twitter profile of Sledgehammer Games has posted an image showing off the exclusive Grand Master Gear that is going to be given away to the best players of Advanced Warfare:

Here’s another look at the Grand Master Character Gear set. Awarded to the TOP 100 Ranked Players in Advanced Warfare.

As you can see in the image above, the reward being given to the top 100 players is a shining gold armor that is pretty different from what we usually see in the game. I think this is their way of making you the knight in shining armor!

As far as the ranked play is concerned, we were recently told that numerous changes are going to be made to it. Here is a rundown on the changes:

  • No joining matches in progress
  • Disbanding the lobby after every match
  • Skill based matchmaking improvements
  • Lobbies read all as matched players initially

Parallel to this, Activision has recently released some new information regarding the statistics of their franchise. A total of 125 million gamers have played their games and nearly 189 million copies of the game have been sold. Check out the complete details here.