Star Citizen Will Soon Have Pets as Part of the $65 Million Mark

Space can be pretty lonely and even those who prefer seclusion might one day need someone to talk to or play with. Well this is why pets are now coming to Star Citizen to accompany the adventurers as they trek through the galaxy.

Pets were always intended to be part of the game as indicated by the stretch goals and now that the game has reached $65 million; it’s time to add cats, dogs and other variety of pets to the game via a traditional pet system.

Granted the game already had fish or even repair bots, they just don’t fit the bill and provide the happiness which a purring cat does.

Not only will the game have the traditional household pets, the developers are also considering some exotic ones fitting the Star Citizen universe.

$65 million mark is a huge achievement which is something even the developers were not expecting which is why they didn’t have fixed stretch goals beyond $64 million. Chris Roberts, the ‘Chairman’ has however promised more details about future plans will be revealed soon.

“we have a major feature we’re investigating as an option. Suffice it to say, we’ve heard a lot of your feedback about modular ships and we want to expand our plan for how to do them”

Star Citizen is expected to be released on PC sometime in 2016.