Sony Releases Teaser Trailer for Something Called EMAGON

Sony has released a teaser trailer for something called EMAGON, which also is ‘no game’ when spelled backwards.

At the time of writing, only the official Spanish PlayStation Blog has posted about it. Both the EU and US divisions have chosen to remain silent or perhaps will post about it early tomorrow.

The trailer is entirely in Spanish and hints upon exploration. Here’s a rough translation from AllGamesBeta of what the game is teasing us about.

“20 years. It’s a lot of time. Look around you and see everything you’ve obtained. You’ve ruled in infinite places, you’ve conquered and freed. You’ve built and destroyed. You’ve been the light against the darkness. However, this time is different. This time, it’s real. For the first time, your actions have real consequences. They need your help. I know you can hear them. The power to change things is in your hands.”

The trailer ends promising a complete reveal on December 5 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand.

With PlayStation Experience taking place just a couple of days after that, it’s highly likely that Sony will inform us with the actual name of the game and a few bits of details to get us ready for the actual information blowout during their event.