Heavenstrike Rivals Is A New Square Enix IP On Mobile

There’s a new intellectual property (IP) incoming from publisher Square Enix, though it’s not a major release. Heavenstrike Rivals is a free game on mobile devices, headed to both iOS and Android sometime this winter.

Heavenstrike Rivals is a strategy title where players command an army of different units on a grid opposing a similarly placed enemy. It will have over two hundred different characters that can be encountered and recruited.

Its story sees the kingdom of Lunnain attacked by the Fallen, which are monsters out to destroy. It may not be the most original plot, but it will serve the fights ahead.

A short gameplay clip reveals a few things. For starters, there are different rows, with the last one specifically being lined out. Moreover, some units are able to cross rows, while others stay stationary when attacking.

Units come in different rarities, such as Rare or Legendary. Each character has its own stats, movement, range and special abilities.

Some abilities make it possible for units to be healed, while other offensive moves hurt or cripple enemies. Several skills will work over several turns.

In the clip, it says that Heavenstrike Rivals offers real-time battles, but given the “turn” indicator and an “auto” button being present in the bottom right, it’s likely more of an automated turn-based model.

Aside from a normal campaign, Heavenstrike Rivals will include competitive play through an arena or timed events.

Heavenstrike Rivals is under care of developer Mediatonic in the UK, who previously released Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution and Foul Play. They also worked on Hatoful Boyfriend.

Square Enix will keep an eye on Heavenstrike Rivals through its Japanese quarters as well. It links the game to its other franchises with artwork from Ryoma Ito, who worked on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, as well as music by Ryo Yamazaki, whose tracks can be found in Final Fantasy XIV.