EA has Multiple Projects in the Pipeline According to Frostbite Technical Director

According to a recent tweet by Frostbite’s Technical Director, Johan Andersson, Electronic Arts has multiple unannounced projects in the pipeline right now that players might hear about soon. The news may not be a huge surprise since EA already mentioned in September 2013 that they had multiple new IPs in the works.

So what could these new IPs be? Given how Johan tweeted this, there is a possibility that these games will be utilizing the Frostbite engine used by games like Battlefield, NFS Rivals, PvZ Garden Warfare and most recently, Bioware’s highly well received Dragon Age Inquisition.

Many gamers have jokingly started asking about the development of Battlefield 6, after all EA does seem to be following a similar trend to Call of Duty, having announced Battlefield Hardline less than a year after the release of Battlefield 4.

Not only that, Battlefield 5 (though it may not be called that in the future) is already set for a 2016 release while Battlefield Hardline will be releasing in 2015, so it does seem like the publisher is going towards a yearly release trend followed by games such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty.

Well whatever these new IPs are, let’s hope they are exciting and not just products of corporate greed and developers don’t end up releasing a game with issues that persist for more than a year after release (looking at you Battlefield 4).