The Division Devs Discuss Skill System, Open World, New Cities

We know that Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to be set in New York but what if there could be some more cities that the game will introduce in the future? The game director, Ryan Barnard was recently talking about it and he has dropped a few hints.

When Barnard was asked how far in the future they are looking at, he said that he was focused on ‘The Division in New York.’ Now that is surely an interesting answer and so they were asked about the possibility of having the game introduce new cities. His reply was:

You’re trying! No, I’m focused on The Division in New York and I really don’t know. I don’t even have a good dodge answer for you [about] where we’ll go from there.

As far as the game’s open world element is concerned, he said that gating down the game estops them from making it a real open world but there are going to be regions in the game that will require you to be equipped on certain level otherwise the higher viral activity would kill you.

So yes, there are going to be certain areas that you would rather want to stay away from until you are ready.

He also says that the skill system of The Division can be labeled as ‘simple with depth’ and he continued:

So there’s kind of a baseline skill that you’ll be able to make a choice on that bottom line, but all skills can be modified as you level up through the game up to what we call ‘large modifications’, which will actually change the functionality of a skill maybe completely.

He gave the example that the turret you saw in the demo with fire can be turned into a sticky turret that can be put to the ceiling corner when you want.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is slated for a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.