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David Jaffe Trolls Everyone With New God of War Game

David Jaffe, Game and Creative Director on God of War and God of War II respectively, trolled the Internet over the weekend when he teased he was working on a new God of War title.

“Fuck it- it’s less than a week away&I’m allowed to confirm it anyway at this point: we ARE making a new God of War,” he tweeted.

As expected, the news went viral and everyone including me were jumping around wondering what kind of reveal we would see at Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Experience event.

However, the joy was short lived as the developer followed that tweet up with the following: “Inspired ice sculpture for my kid’s birthday party!!! Kratos ice sculpt is so gonna rock!!!!!!”

It’s known that Jaffe and his new studio Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency are currently working on a new action-game based IP. It’s to be revealed at the PlayStation Experience. However, just reading the developer mention a God of War title had everyone buzzing with a next-gen installment of the franchise.

We’ll see what he has been working on in a week’s time. In the mean time we can argue over whether we really need a new God of War installment, with Kratos’ saga finally ending with God of War III.

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