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Battlefield: Hardline – Stealth Action Highlighted

Stealth is not a term that can be truly associated with Battlefield players. However the latest installment, Battlefield: Hardline, will feature a lot of stealth action and over the weekend Visceral Games highlighted just how this system will work.

Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis explained that with detection gadgets like heat-seeking AI, players will most probably be detected if they choose to go head on. Once detected players have the choice of either continuing forward of go into hiding. Here’s where the system, dubbed simply as ‘last known position,’ comes to play.

Enemies will now be tracking your last known location and so will be searching where they think you’re at. Players can take advantage of this by leading them astray, flanking them or leading them into an ambush.

On that note, Papoutsis also said that the system is still being fine-tuned. If players successfully dodge detecting-AIs for some number of seconds, the AI won’t simply reset and go back to its normal state. Rather than that, Visceral is working on them to go into ‘search mode’ where they will be aware of you but won’t exactly know where you’re at.

“That puts them back in that state where you can then use a freeze on them, or stealth up behind them and take them out.”

With so much inventory and gameplay elements at play, Visceral is making sure that Battlefield: Hardline’s stealth system ends up as balanced.

The game is scheduled for launch on March 17 next year in North America and on March 19 in Europe for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source GameSpot