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How to Play Dragon Age The Last Court

The Last Court is a browser turn-based title which can be accessed from Dragon Age: Keep. It is a free-to-play title which focuses on drawing cards and managing resources. This guide is designed to provide a brief walkthrough of The Last Court.

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Dragon Age Inquisition The Last Court

Read everything you need to know before playing the game.

In-Game Companions

Dashing Outlaw because in order to earn favor with the Hunter, you will require Trophies. However, Hunter is pretty easy to obtain in early game and is a source of rare Derring.

Favor is too expensive so you need to decide whether you need +20 Cunning or Scholar.

Guildmistress is an easy favor and rewards you with Cunning and Rule.

Pig Farmer is the most efficient favor trading.

Regalia and Victory

Hunting is an easy way to get Viand & Trophy, while Story Cards will provide Secret. When we talk about Viand & Trophy, they are used to provide favor with the Baron and Hunter.

Once Market Days Left have reached 0, you will be able to trigger Arrival of the Divine which will remove all Pinned Cards and you deck will get converted into a special Feast Deck.

For the best ending, it is better to have 10 Favor at the Feast. Both Favor and Regalia can be lost from decisions like opening the Sealed Chantry or inviting the Horned Knight.


The game automatically saves XP and provides players with an attribute gain/loss:

This is easily the hardest stat to increase (training with Knight will provide you with a +1). It is the check to win +1 Royals from the Tourney.

This is particularly important for raising Royals without losing. Additionally, it is also the check to win +1 Royals from the Sizable Commission Scenario.

Scholar checks are the easiest ones to obtain, but there are hard to raise since only Pig Farmer trains it. There is no need to go beyond 50.

This is easily raised by Hunting the Abandoned Shack and Morrigan.


You need to take advantage of 0 HP. There is no need to waste Royals to gain HP. 0 HP means the Days of the Rest Events:

  • Rest until fully recovered: HP set to 100, +1 Scholar, -10 -20 Dignity, -10 -20 Freedom, -10 -20 Prosperity, -10 -20 Peril, -10 -20 Twilight, and -10 -20 Rumours
  • Serault needs her Marquis!: HP set to 30 – 50, + XP Derring (usually +1), -1 -10 Dignity, -1 -10 Freedom, -1 -10 Prosperity, +1 -10 Peril, +1 -10 Twilight, +1 -10 Rumour


It is very hard to raise, but exceedingly useful. Freedom is used to trade Authority in the Field and helps Bard collect Clue.

This is extremely easy to raise and helps Guildmistress raise Clue. Additionally, it is also used to raise taxes via Gather action and get favor with the Guildmistress.

This is one of the least beneficial and allows to gain a little extra Clue from the Dowager.

Peril allows you to get Clue from Outlaw and gets raised quickly.

Twilight allows you to get Clue from Hunter.

This does not affect Clue for Purveyor. If Rumor is at 100, cost 25 Clue to reduce Rumor by 50 and gain 1 Viand.

Gathering Resources
It is not recommended to bother with the resources at all:

  • Authority: Sit in judgment (20 Dignity, 3 Actions) = +1-3 Authority (appears unrelated to Rule) [+1 Authority at 70 Rule, -20 Dignity] (% is 1x Rule)
  • Royals: Raise funds from your realm (30 Prosperity, 3 Actions) = -20 Prosperity, +1-3 Royals (appears not to be related to Prosperity) [+20 Rumour, -20 Prosperity, +1-3 Royals] (% is 1x Rule)
  • Health: Restore health (1 Royal, 1 Action) = -1 Royals, +17 Health at 29, +25 at 6, +19 at 31

When we talk about Hunting, you can choose to hunt:

  • A boar, clumsy but fierce: -10 Clue. +1 Trophy when caught, requires % = 1.2x Derring OR % = ?? Woods (if not Alone) check once cornered
  • A hind, swift and nimble: -10 Clue. +1 Viand when caught, requires % = 1.2x Derring check once cornered
  • The bereskarn plaguing the forest villages (Bereskarn)

Prepare for the Divine

Trade for Regalia:

  • Banker (1 Action, 1 Authority): 7 Royals for 1 Viand, Secret or Trophy. Better exchange rate with a Companion
  • 100 Prosperity for 1 Viand (Free action)
  • 100 Freedom for 1 Secret (Free action)
  • 100 Dignity for 1 Trophy (Free action)

General Tips

The first thing that you need to do is to gather a complete set of companion as soon as possible. In order to open the chantry by end game, you need to get 100 Cunning or 100 Scholar.

Furthermore, having 50+ in each stat is a minimum, however, it is better to have 84+ in order to pass the 1.2x checks. Another thing you need to keep in mind is never to let Serault’s attributes drop to 0.

In case this happens, the Divine will cancel her visit. Going beyond 100 is not recommended at all! It is better to use up all your cards before finishing a hunt or moving to a new area.

Complete credits for this guide go to _Etinarcadiaego