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Guilty Gear Xrd PS4 Gameplay Showcased In New Videos

Guilty Gear Xrd is set to arrive on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 next month, and to get a taste of what the game will look and feel like, check out the gameplay videos attached below.

Both videos combined show almost an hour of gameplay on Sony’s new gen console.

First Video:

Second Video:

Both videos focus on the game’s arcade mode as skills and abilities of different fighters are shown.

The fighting style is quite similar to the previous installments, but the visuals have received an update, as cel-shaded graphics are added, which allows for more dynamic camera movement.

The Arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd was released earlier this year in Japan, and it featured 13 playable fighters excluding the boss Ramlethal Valentine.

Twelve of the characters returned from the previous installments while there was one new addition named as Bedman.

Other characters included are listed below:

  • Sol Badguy
  • Ky Kiske
  • Millia Rage
  • May
  • Chip Zanuff
  • Potemkin
  • Venom
  • Axl Low
  • Faust
  • Zato-1
  • I-No
  • Slayer

Upcoming PS3/PS4 version will get another character Sin from Overture. Additionally, console players will be getting two new characters Elphelt and Leo Whitefang as DLC.

Guilty War Xrd is set to release in Japan on coming Thursday, whereas North American fans will have to wait until December 16.