Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Double XP Weekend has Begun

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Sledgehammer is giving away double XP to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players.

The Double XP is going to last for a full weekend, ending on Monday, December 1st 9am PT.

The announcement came via official twitter profile of the developers, where they wrote:

If you have moved on to another game by now, then now is the time to dive back and get leveled up at a faster pace during this weekend.

Your experience will also be better this time around because most of the map glitches which were bothering the players have now been fixed.

The glitches allowed players to go out of the map, which helped them in avoiding projectiles from other players.

Sledgehammer is taking these exploits very seriously and has announced that if you come across a player who is taking advantage of the glitches, you can report them to the developers by using the instructions provided by Activision support.

In other news, Call of Duty was named the best series of all time by Guinness Book of World Records, adding another achievement to the list.

Are you looking forward to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this weekend?