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Ubisoft Confident in The Crew’s Perfect Launch

Ubisoft is pretty confident that The Crew will have a much better launch compared to Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which was released as a glitch-infested trash dump.

Speaking to The Metropolist, lead designer Serkan Hasan claimed that he has every “confidence in the stability of the game and its performance.”

The Crew is being developed by Ivory Tower and not Ubisoft Montreal who for the next year will be working overtime in making Assassin’s Creed: Unity a pleasant experience. Hasan stated that his team “have what it takes to make [this] a successful launch.”

According to him, The Crew will run smoothly at 1080p with a constant 30 FPS. That’s something which Assassin’s Creed: Unity is still struggling with. The game continues to dip below the 30 mark, and in some instances even below the 20 figure. Ubisoft has promised that a future patch will correct the stuttering frame rates.

However, at the end of the day The Crew is still an online game and every such title experiences launch issues. Hasan however, doesn’t believe that to be the case with the new upcoming racer.

“The launch of any online game these days has potential issues,” he said. “But I hope that players will be encouraged by our open approach. If you had any doubts that we could pull this off, I hope that the betas proved our credentials and the game’s stability.”

The Crew is scheduled for release on December 5. Judging from Ubisoft’s previous releases, it’s highly advisable to not pre-order this game and to wait the first week to ascertain how smooth the game is running.