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New GTAV Stock Market Cash Exploit for PS4, Xbox One Works Post Patch 1.04

Rockstar Games might have patched up GTAV PS4 and Xbox One version for the Mega Exploit and boasted that you will no longer be able to turn into a billionaire in the matter of minutes, but the hackers aren’t resting either.

A New GTAV Stock Market cash exploit has been discovered by a Se7ensins user who goes by the name of DatGews. He claims that the said cash exploit is working perfectly and also that it is working even after the Patch 1.04 i.e. Version 1.20 on PlayStation 4.

Those of you who are interested in cracking it right away will need to follow certain steps that go as follows:

  1. Find a stock on LCN with the biggest difference between High and Low value
  2. Select Online character, accept message, and spam B/O to go back to GTA V
  3. Repeat #2 until the stock value is close to the Low value
  4. Invest all at Low value
  5. Repeat #2 until stock is close to High value (or good enough to sell)
  6. Sell all at High value
  7. Repeat from #3

However, you should keep saving the gam as often as you can and sell only after the game tells you it will be a profit. Apparently there is a lot that is going on in the stock market that could make you bankrupt or a billionaire overnight.

You should also buy less than 2.147 billion shares in total at any given time. Two last tips given by the same guy are that after you are done with Jewel Heist, Vangelico will give 250% returns for every five minutes with this. The high value here is around 250 while low is around 100.

Lastly, after LFI assassination, LifeInvader has a 800% return with low value being 3 as compared to high value of 25.

Are you going to try out this GTAV stock market cash exploit?