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Japanese Xbox Boss Resigns After Dismal Sales of Xbox One in the Country

Japanese Xbox boss, Takashi Sensui has resigned from his post due to lack of Xbox One sales in the country. He will keep on working with Microsoft, but at the company’s US headquarters.

Famitsu has reported that the fate of Xbox One in the country will now be handed over to Takahasi Minami, who joined Microsoft earlier this year, leaving Sony behind after 25 years of service.

Xbox One has been doing terribly in the country since its launch back in September. The most recent figures tell us that only 38,461 units have been shipped in Japan.

23,562 units of the above mentioned number got sold in just four days of the console’s launch but since then, the sales have been going down.

Just last week, only 776 units of Microsoft’s new gen console were sold, whereas PlayStation 4 got sold 12.4K and Wii U sold 9.6K.

Xbox One also became the lowest selling launch home console in Japan in the recent years, with numbers way below Wii U which sold 308K in first two days and PS4 that sold 322K units in its first two days.

Xbox consoles haven’t done as well as the other Japanese brands, so these sales figures shouldn’t surprise anyone.

However, outside of Japan, Microsoft is looking to make a comeback after a rather dry spell in sales. With exclusives like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive under its belt, Xbox One is catching up to PS4.

Do you think Xbox One will be able to make a comeback in Japan?