Infinity Blade Saga is Headed to Xbox One First in China

Not too long ago, a new title was teased by Tencent Games. Now, that title has been confirmed as Infinity Blade Saga. Well, atleast that’s what a post on A9VG said.

The post was translated by a NeoGaf user.  According to the reading, Infinity Blade Saga is now confirmed and is heading to Xbox One first in China.

A demo for the game is now available on XBLA and can be played using Microsoft’s Kinect. Although it’s better to play the game by using Kinect and it is also recommended, a controller is allowed nonetheless.

Infinity Blade Saga almost has all the stages that were present in the iOS games, along with more focus on the storyline.

If the game is approved by the Chinese Govt. without any issues, the game will then release “before or after Chinese lunar year.”

Fans who want to see this title on PS4 should wait for an official confirmation. Infinity Blade Saga will release on PS4 depending on Sony’s plans to release the console in the Chinese market.

For now, Xbox One is the first priority for game developers. Infinity Blade Saga might be free-to-play but because there is no confirmation on the matter, it’s just a speculation for the time being.

More news about the game is expected in the near future. Feel free to share your thoughts and views about the story in the comments below!