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Dragon Age: Inquisition: Players’ Save Files Will Help Fix The ‘Silent Bug’

Dragon Age: Inquisition met with a great response upon its launch last week, but there have been some issues that are bothering the players. One of those problems is the silent bug, which has been preventing the companions from saying anything whatsoever, which obviously is quite annoying.

Bioware took notice of the complains, and its quality assurance analyst, Allan Schumacher asked players who have spent more than 60 hours into the game for their save files.

Just one day after asking for these files, he collected a plethora of saves from the community, and according to the most recent update, Allan has received enough save files and now, Bioware is working to find the cause behind the problem, so that a fix can be released.

Allan has enough saves for an analysis, folks! No need to send him more, at least not for now. I’ll let you know if that changes, of course.

Hopefully, the fix will come out soon so that players can start bantering with their companions once again.

You can find the whole community thread regarding this concern on Bioware’s official forums or EA’s forums.

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