Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Durability Test is Painful to Watch

The current-gen console war is heating up and is now jumping from measly forum debates to a stern durability test. Wired apparently woke up one day and wanted to know what would happen if both consoles were thrown from great heights.

The test consists of dropping each unit from 1.5 meters and then 4.5 meters. As punishment for failing the test, the specific unit will then get annihilated by a chainsaw.

From its thickness, shape and closely knit hardware, the Xbox One would perhaps stand a better chance at surviving the test. Or at least that’s the first impression I got when I read the title of the video. The results may or may not be different.

You can watch your favorite console being shredded in the video above. Remember to not try this at home.

Both consoles have just celebrated their one year anniversary. The PlayStation 4 has taken a wrecking ball to the competition with Sony enjoying insane sales figures. However, after a rather dry patch, the Xbox One is looking at a strong comeback.

Its recent Xbox One bundles have sold immensely well and in the US the total figures are just a million behind that of the PlayStation 4.