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Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Production Seems to be Halted

Wii U GameCube controller adapters have been a huge success since their launch last week, but according to EB Games Canada, the production on the adapters has apparently stopped.

If you managed to grab one before they ran out of stock, then you are just a few of the lucky ones.

EB Games Canada revealed this news in a tweet, responding to a consumer:

The news comes as a bit of a surprise because the adapters have been in high demand and some major retailers like Best Buy and GameStop have already ran out of stock.

However, some units are currently available at Amazon, so you should hop on to the offer before they run out of stock as well.

Stopping the production of a product that is in high demand just doesn’t seem logical. However, we cannot say anything with certainty until Nintendo makes an official announcement.

Maybe the developers wanted to see if there’s enough demand for the product before overproducing the units, and besides, it has been out for a week so the restocking might happen in the coming days.

Hopefully, Nintendo will clarify this ambiguity soon.

Are you among few of the lucky consumers who managed to get their hands on Wii U GameCube controller adapter? Share your experience with us in the comments below!