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This War of Mine Development Budget Recovered in Just 2 Days

Earlier this month, I explained why This War of Mine, is the a must play game of 2014. The title captured the essence of war and told heart touching stories of random civilians during the time of war.

I am truly glad that the game has received the success it deserves. And fans of this title will be happy to know that after being in the wild for just 2 days, This War of Mine managed to recoup its development budget.

While players located in 92 countries bought the game, 33% of the game’s total sales came from the United States.

Developer 11 Bit Studios also revealed in a press release that average age of the players who bought the game is between 24 to 34 years old.

I was a bit concerned when the game didn’t get enough media attention at launch, because I felt that this game is something special.

Looking at the success to of this title, I am sure that more developers will feel encouraged to try something different and unique. Which is exactly what this industry needs at the moment.

I hope 11 Bit continues to work on similar projects and keeps on bringing something unique and refereshing. This War of Mine has received a %10 discount on Steam and is now available for $17.99. You can also play this title on mobile devices.