The Order 1886: Music is the Focal Point in the Latest Dev Diary

There is one aspect of most games which I feel goes unappreciated. That aspect, is music. Music plays a key role in the overall experience of a game. It conveys emotion without words, it builds the tension when you’re about to open a door without knowing what’s behind.

What will games be without music? Not very immersive I imagine.

Sony’ flagship title, The Order 1886 has been discussed for its gameplay, weapons and most of all its stunning visuals. Every aspect of the game is tailored according to the 18th century setting of the game. The same goes for for its music.

Music in The Order 1886 helps build a compelling world, it’s inspiring and unique. Creators claim that after playing the game, you can easily identify its music anywhere upon hearing.

Ready at Dawn partnered with Jason Graves (Dead Space) and Austin Wintory (Journey), to create something special for The Order. As the video above explains, their compositions were brought to life at Abbey Roads Studio, using acoustic instruments in real-time.

To maintain the claustrophobic vibe of the game’s music, the creators intentionally used the studio’s smaller second room for recording.

The music samples which you can hear throughout the video footage, are simply amazing. The Order 1886 is shaping up to be a memorable experience.

The title is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will be hitting the market shelves, early 2015.