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Splatoon Dev Shares Details About Single Player Mode and Customization

Developers of the colorful Splatoon took to social media in order to share some fresh details about the upcoming Wii U exclusive.

According to the devs, single player mode goes by the name of “Hero Mode” in Splatoon. This mode is all about a war between the squids (you) and octopi army (AI).

One mysterious squid/human has found out that the Octopus Army Corp is planning to attack the surface world and come out of their underground facility.

Your task is to infiltrate their base of operations, and stop them before they act upon their schemes.

Some of the details of the Hero mode were already shared by Nintendo, such as the squid/human hybrid who will be in the player’s control and will be wearing a special suit during his battles. He will also be able to use the devices, found in the underground facility.

Developers have also shared some details about the game’s multiplayer mode. Players have complete freedom while customizing their squid characters. Customizable items such as hats, t-shits and even weapons will be available from the get-go.

A weapon known as The Paint Gun will be the primary weapon. However, players can grab some new special weapons by claiming enemy territory.

More details about the game will be shared soon. Splatoon will be available for the Wii U in the second quarter of 2015.

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Source: NWR